At M&M Properties we understand your need to find a Home to Rent. We take pride in the service we provide for investment property management. We offer amazing customer service, and are very a tune to details of each transaction. One of the reasons we are able to maintain such great relationships between our renters and our home owners, is the quality of screening that we do.


If you are a tenant looking for a new Home to Rent, download this document, fill it out and return it to us quickly. We will expedite your search!


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call us at 801-520-1653. Our Fax number is 855-541-3700.


Rental Requirements and Criteria:

Applicant must earn gross income equal to 3 times the total rent.

All Non-Familial Applicants must qualify on their own with income equal to 2 1/4 Times the total rent.

A qualifying Credit and Background Check, Good Rental history and Employment Verification (at least 3 years in same industry)



Renters Application                               Click here to apply online!

Click to download a pdf


If you would like M&M Properties to help you manage your home, or if you would like to find a place to rent, please contact us.