Investment Property Management & Maintenance


Home ownership is the pinnacle of the American Dream. For many people, owning their first property is a symbol of success, stability and economic longevity. With the recent trends in the American economy, home ownership is more than creating roots for your family, it has become a means for bringing in revenue.


At M&M Properties, we specialize in Property Management and Maintenance for those with investment properties. Our success in caring for your property means a great revenue stream from your rental investment.


Unmatched Services We Offer:

  • Full Credit Report, Back Ground and Employment Check. Renters pays $25 for online applications
  • *We guarantee our tenants with 1/3 additional deposit amount up to $1000 as Damage Warranty.
  • “If we find a bad renter, we help pay for it”.


  • Rental Promotion and Advertising on Multiple Web Locations.
  • Rental Property Analysis and Comparison.
  • Personally show vacant rentals to all prospective renters.


  • All office services, document and paperwork included.
  • *Evictions conducted and enforced by a licensed attorney at no additional cost to you.

Lease Service:

  • 24 Hour Management Response.
  • Comprehensive and strong lease agreement and addendum.
  • Video Recording of property move-in and move-out.
  • Renter move in welcome packet with property specific information.


  • No mark up on repairs. (Some managers add 10 to 20% to repairs).
  • On-call Maintenance Service and Emergency Response.

Monthly Service:

  • Monthly Visual inspection of properties exterior.
  • Interior inspection completed every 4 to 6 months.
  • Monthly Reports.


  • No management charges until signed lease. No Re-Lease fee on existing renter.
  • ½ months rent at time of lease signing.
  • 8% per month of gross monthly rent on properties with $1000 rent or more.
  • 10% per month on properties having less than $1000 rent or outside of Salt Lake Valley area.

Owner Services:

  • Certified Good Landlord Program, saving owners hundreds each year in state fees.
  • Online Access to your property accounts.
  • Year End Statement for your CPA.
  • * Out of state owners, limo airport pick-up or drop-off. Or rental car usage.

* Ask for limitations and restrictions.



“In a hard rental market, M&M found qualified renters at the price I requested. She has been available for the renters, should any emergency arise.” – V. Williams


“Mike and Marie are highly motivated and work well with others. Since I reside out of state, it is very important that I can rely on them to handle my needs.” – R. Kaler


“After having looked for a property management company, M&M Properties SLC, upon short notice, was able to help me with specific needs for my properties.” – B. Waldrup


“Mike and Marie are great communicators and knows how to resolve common living issues and problems. They have always gone the extra mile and is very self motivated.” – W.Gray

Existing M&M Property Home Owner/Customer

We won’t leave you in the dark once you have chosen M&M Properties SLC to oversee your investment property for management and maintenance. Not only can you contact us anytime, but you can also utilize this website as a portal to stay informed on the status of your properties. The combined efforts and focus of owners and managers are what make investment property management and maintenance really work. Click here to see your monthly statement or review your properties and please let us know if there is anything we can do to assist you.


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We appreciate your consideration in managing your properties and look forward to starting a strong long term professional partnership. Click here to contact us online!